Getting Away With Murder

“Getting Away With Murder is a multiplayer game which puts tasks
four human players with lighting a fireplace to dispose of a
corpse, while a ghost player hunts them down.”


Getting Away With Murder was a project that I was proud to work on during the first half of 2015. Joining the team after the initial prototype was created, I had to get acquainted with a code base that I did not write or have any prior knowledge going in. Thankfully, the game was written in Unity 4.2, which I had a decent understanding of before joining the team. During the development of the game, Unity released Unity 5 and we decided to port the game over, primarily to use the new PBR lighting system. I was tasked with making sure when we moved the game over that all functionality was the same. After completing this task, I primarily worked on implementing new features to see if it was possible, and then assisting other programmers and designers to tune those features to a balanced and intended manner.