LS: Being The Support Character

I take pride in being the support programmer. Usually this ends up with me not being able to say “Hey, I made this section of the game”, but ┬áit does leave me as the person who helps the Designers be able to do the cool things they do. One example of this was abstracting out the QTE that another programmer wrote to allow the Designers to create QTE events at specific points in the game, and not tied to a single enemy. This process usually works out that I create helper objects that act as a facade for what is going on much deeper in the game logic. Along the way I usually end up refactoring parts of existing code to make it more accessible for other parts of the game or less of a mess. The final step is making sure the Designers know how to actually use the system I helped make. This usually involves setting up an example in the level and then telling them how to recreate it and being available for questions when they are first implementing it.

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